Tim Knifton


Ex-professional photographer, just in it for the hobby. Urbex, landscape, macro and travel subjects are my passion.

I have named my blog “Open all hours” as this is not a typical 9 to 5 daytime hobby. Testiment to this is a good group of friends who share my passion for photography and the things we experience along the way.

“It’s not the years you live but the life you live”


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Mario ouellet on said:

    Hi Tim,
    I am very invested in finding out about the Alfa pictures you took.
    I own a Alfa SS project and will need parts but I may want to restore this one if better!?!
    Would it be possible to contact you to discuss this and see if I can contact the owners of these cars to set a visit?

    Best regards

    Mario Ouellet
    New Hampshire USA
    603-347-1226 home
    941-928-9620 mobile

    • Hi Mario,

      As you may be able to tell by reading this, we are urbexers and the owner did not know we were there so I don’t know who owns them.

      All I know is that a person living next door caught some people and the entrance has been sealed again since last week.


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