Tim Knifton


7th April 2016

I must admit that I don’t do a lot of industrial explores. Not that I don’t like them, they just need to be photogenic and I need to find something that I find pleasing to the eye.

Last month, when we went to Germany, my aim was to photograph a few of the Zeches (or mines) as I’ve been to Germany a few times and never managed to explore one. Thankfully on this trip, we managed 2.

Wash house

The wash house basically consists of two virtually identical locker halls ( “Weißkaue” and “Schwarzkaue”), between which there are showers and other washing facilities. The private clothing is pulled down from the basket attached to the ceiling and several meters pulled on a chain. The chain when  is secured with a lock. The miner goes naked for Schwarzkaue, in work clothes hanging just below the ceiling and attracts them. After the shift, he hangs in the Schwarzkaue the dirty work clothes back under the covers and go naked to the showers. After showering, the miner goes back to the Weißkaue and puts his own clothes back on again.

The storage of clothes at the ceiling has several advantages:

  • safe from theft;
  • space-saving;
  • relatively little dust; and
  • the clothing is aired and allowed to dry.

The work clothing is usually cleaned at certain intervals from the mine operation.

It would also serve the purposes for safety. If there were any baskets left up then they knew that there were miners still down the pit and to raise the alarm.

'Early morning''Lock'

'Basket''Possessions'Thanks for looking in.

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