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No blogging…..

1st October 2014

No blogging for a while but the last few months have been a blur of trips and then more trips on top.

Latest trip took in beautiful Italy. I felt rather guilty driving through very small but typically beautiful little Italian villages around Lake Como and beyond in favour of even more beautiful abandoned asylums, villas, castellos and industrial decay but the heart wants what it wants.

Italy, besides a place I’ve been on several touristy trips to places like Venice and also skiing in previous years, was visited for a first time as an urban exploration tour with friends. Several nights were spent sleeping on location and some amazing places were seen and photographed while travelling over 1800Kms over 4 days.


One location which has remained beautiful and very photogenic was this insane asylum which was heavily secured.

This asylum was built at the end of the 19th century. It was initially used as a hospital for mentally ill patients and later it was used as a military academy. This location held the equipment where people were treated with ECT and operations to the nervous system.

The asylum closed it’s doors in the end of the 20th century when there were laws passed that deemed that asylums had to close their doors.

As I don’t tend to process very quickly, a small set from the asylum are shown below. A stunning location which we spent 5 hours photographing.

'A world of possibilities' 'Aging' 'Does god endorse TV evangelists' 'No sense of direction' 'Outer corridor' 'Remember them all' 'This shouldn't hurt (much)' 'Time for treatment'Thanks for looking in.

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2 thoughts on “No blogging…..

  1. Rob Nicholas on said:

    Some lovely stuff there – I am very jealous! A shame I missed your recent talk at Barry Camera Club.

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