Tim Knifton

Back from the Ukraine

15th April 2014

Back from the Ukraine and what can I say…….amazing trip, covering so many places and meeting new friends, old friends and putting faces to names. Not to mention the laughs and fun we had, cheap food and beer, a packed itinerary on 5 hours sleep a night. Some amazing people putting together an amazing trip – literally overwhelmed and couldn’t fault the week in any way (except having to come home of course!)

We spent 3 days within the exclusion zone with time in Kyiv/Kiev after the trip to do what we wish until the flights home. This meant spending a good day photographing the peaceful camps within Maidan (independence square) with an evening flight home.

Our itinerary saw us travel to Slavutych which was the replacement town for Pripyat after the 1986 disaster and our home for the next few days. I had the luck in sharing an apartment with 5 other friends and having a nice warm room with wi-fi.

We travelled after breakfast to Chernobyl along with the 3,000 other workers who work at the power plant every morning at 7:45am sharp. After the security check we got on our bus and made our way to the various stops during the first day, with the following two days spent totally in Pripyat.

Our first day involved some of Chernobyl towns monuments, village, kindergarten and a visit to Duga 3 with some lunch in between.

Coming back from two epic days in Pripyat to Kiev was finished by visiting a gun range and shooting a Dragunov sniper rifle and an AK47 (I managed to hit my target several times too).

The photos taken will probably last me months in terms of processing so expect regular updates and posts as well as Facebook and Flickr.

'Fujiyama selfie'A self-portrait at the Fujiyama building in Pripyat which is the tallest 16 storey building in the town and offers the best views. Note: the Chernobyl Nuclear Power plant in the distance.

Thanks for reading.

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