Tim Knifton

First rooftops

February 2014

Have not done much exploring this year due to various reasons combined with university and the weather.

I jumped on the chance to do this place but I won’t say much about the location except it was the same one that we failed at last year. Same security presence but change of access.

A few weeks back, I heard that it was still doable so decided to keep an eye on the weather before making a decision to book the late bus to London and the early bus home (total cost £11). Although a no-brainer, this meant 12 hours to kill around London in the evening and early hours until the 8am trip home.

The weather looked dry but windy so decided it was this weekend or never plus the boredom of not going out and photographing or exploring anything.

Armed with new instructions, I made my way up to London and met with the others and decided that 9pm was late enough to start. Some others were joining us later so we left messages to ensure that the easy way was found.

Many, many flights later and some basic climbing, we found ourselves at the top and spent a lot of time on the various floors fighting with high winds to get the shots. Luckily, some stairwells made for decent cover for breaks.

I used both wide and zoom for the shots taken. Many to process but a few are below.

I finally made it down from the tower around 3:30am and wandered around some of the streets on the way to the bus station taking a few photos and stopping for food and a decent coffee. Luckily, things stay open and the streets are still busy in the early hours so there was plenty to keep me awake although I slept all the way home.

'Overlook' 'St Paul's' 'Shard' 'Digging'

Thanks for looking in.

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