Tim Knifton

Krampnitz Barracks – Germany

October 2013

Part of our German road trip on the first full day was an explore to Beelitz Heilstatten and then Krampnitz Kaserne later in the day.

Unfortunately, as the day went on, we spent a lot of time wandering forests and tracks looking in and around buildings. Most of which were destroyed and the ones that weren’t, were being worked on by builders on site. Coupling that with security and we didn’t really stand much of a chance.


Krampnitz Kaserne was a military complex, in Fahrland, Potsdam, created by the Germans during the rearmament period. It was used by the Nazis until the end of the Second World War. After the war it was used by Soviet troops until its abandonment in 1992.


The site was used by the German army since 1937 when the cavalry moved its school from Hannover.It was also used as a driving training centre until the Russians took control of the area, taking over a day after the Germans abandoned it April 26, 1945.The 35th Guards Motor Rifle Division was then stationed there until its abandonment in 1992, after the Dissolution of the Soviet Union.

The whole complex consists of more than 50 buildings, most of which are apartment buildings and storage, though it also includes an officers’ club, a Tennis court, theatre and more. It is rumored that movies such as Inglourious Basterds and Enemy at the Gates shot some scenes here.

We made it to the infamous “swastika” building and found that the builders had painted over the offending articles and the general area was covered in graffiti. We took a few shots and made our way out. I stopped to take the image below as I liked the mood, the simplistic architecture, the peeling paint and the lack of graffiti.

'The sound of silence'Thanks for reading.

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