Tim Knifton

Chimney climbs and epic times

October 2013

This week I explored a certain decommissioned power station. Exploring traffic through this place has been rife the last month or so, so I decided to meet up with a contact who was going in again and do this place before the redevelopment really takes off and it will end up sealed.

Part of the attraction of this place is the views over the city and the epic chimneys. From the South side of this immense building is a walkway up onto the roof. From here there is the imposing job of having to climb 20 storeys of scaffold ladder by ladder until you get to the base of the stack. As this is a professional job, the scaffold is of excellent condition as there are workers up and down here constantly in the day.

Easy enough to do normally, but with a decent size camera backpack and a tripod, this involved lifting them both up a level and them climbing up, one at a time which took a bit longer than usual. Doing this in the early hours of the morning is a way to do it without being disturbed and essential when you are trying to take your time too.

So after about 15 minutes of repeated lifting, climbing and carrying, I managed to get to the base of the chimneys. Luckily my friend went first as he was packed lighter.

The view at the top is amazing and we spent a good hour photographing the vista from our viewpoint before climbing down. With me lifting my stuff down and climbing back to the roof before securing our way out and leaving with no issues.

One of the amazing viewpoints that I caught is shown below. This was an epic finish to an eventful evening before the drive home.

'Epic times and chimney climbs'Thanks for looking in.


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