Tim Knifton

2nd visit

28th July 2013.

Whilst in Belgium, we planned to visit Liege Train Station. This was my second time and this time the weather was still rather warm when we arrived.

We went to find a hotel (or roughly speaking, a Formula One) and unpacked, then drove the 10 miles into Liege to photograph the station at night.

It took a while to find a decent parking space after parking outside a local kebab shop and having food at 9pm with no risk of feeling cold or getting wet. After finally eating and finding a space to stick the rental car without issues of ticketing, we went to the station and started shooting.

The guys were in awe of the place as it is an architectural wonder and luckily its a place where people leave you to your own devices. In the UK I’m sure we would have been apprehended and questioned then told to stop if spotted with cameras and tripods.

My previous blog of this station is here so I won’t bore you with repetition.


My previous set of photos are here:

'Tin Tins Rocket'

With the weather being better to walk around, I got some different photos this time as the cold was quite biting during the first visit in February.

Some of them are below.



'Empty platforms'


'Hard at work'

‘Hard at work’





Thanks for looking in.

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One thought on “2nd visit

  1. Great shots! Looks like an awesome building. Cheers 🙂

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