Tim Knifton


July 2013

Another Eurotour and this time a different crew made up of my friends Sean, Neil and myself.

We arranged a three-day trip to Belgium in order for the boys to get their first taste of Urban Exploration (UE) in another country.

For those in the know, locations outside the UK are increasingly more interesting, get destroyed or vandalised less and the pace of the trip and the relaxed atmosphere mean that you can get more done with a smaller risk of arrest or hastle.

Saturday morning we arranged to get up early to visit a certain location which has been on my list for a long time. We drove into the city following a restless night of sleep in the car.

Due to the public access on the street through the floor, I bottled it for a brief moment but knew that if we didn’t do it I would kick myself for weeks after. Especially since building work is going on inside during the week and who knows how long this place is still accessible for?

The particular site in question is below and will be familiar to those who enjoy UE as part of their photography.


After two hours or more inside, we had the fun of getting out which wasn’t as bad as first thought. A brief ten minutes to have a drink and some food followed and the usual wet wipe wash and we were on our way to an extremely creepy house in the woods with a dark history. This was on my list as a definite explore and one I really wanted to see.

Half hour later, the sat nav guided us to our location not far away from the track we knew we needed to negotiate to the residence. As we unloaded our bags and tripods and started walking, a car appears from the track and pulls up in front of our car. On this, we decide to continue to walk down the road rather than walk up the track Even though dog walkers use the track, backpacks and tripods usually give the game away so we continued along the road. The car was still running and it felt like we were being watched.

After 5 minutes it started raining so we walked back to the car only to discover a dog walker collecting some pine cones under the trees. After a brief chat, he went on his way and we sat for a while not sure if it was the owner of the house coming to check.

After a few minutes, we decided to cut through the forest and make our way diagonally onto the track as close to the house as possible.

We got to the access point just as the rain started heavily and the thunder rumbled. On opening the door we found a light on in the hall and a really creepy atmosphere like someone was already here.

Luckily, we were alone and spent an hour or two photographing the house with no issues and bumped into someone coming in as we were leaving that gave us all a shock.

The history……

In the 18th Century the lowlands of Belgium and The Netherlands were confronted with gangs of hoodlums, rapists and Satanists who called themselves the “Bokkenrijders”. These medieval criminals terrorized the people and left a trail of destruction in these countries. This man was fed up and swore to wipe out all of the “Bokkenrijders”, in which he succeeded.

Stories go that in the basement of his house he had rings attached to the walls where he locked up the criminals and starved them to death. Those who were not brought to the basement were hung. The hanging was often done in public and therefore the people were very frightened of him.

After the “Bokkenrijders” were no more he turned his aggression to the people around him. This got so worse that he was banned by the community. But even after he left, the terror this man has brought took ages to be forgotten…

The photograph below was my first one I took and my favourite so far.

'The chronicles of life and death'“The chronicles of life and death”

Thanks for looking in, the rest of the photos will be on my Flickr photostream when I get around to processing them.

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2 thoughts on “Spooky….

  1. Brilliant shots ❤❤❤❤❤
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Glad you got in here dude i would have made a bigger Brick than you me thinks 🙂

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