Tim Knifton

Industrial fillers and camera killers

May 2013

Part of our road trip across Luxembourg and France with some brief time in Belgium was a few nice locations in France. We had a big list of locations in the sat nav and while checking out a decommissioned power station and running into security dogs and finding cameras everywhere, we spotted this impressive structure on the other side of the motorway.

Tracing our steps back and following the structure in the distance, we navigated to the vicinity of the place and managed to arrive on the site to find people everywhere and a barbecue happening. Apparently, it is not only a park for the public but a tourist place where they light the insides of the structure up and hold concerts and events.

After a brief chat with the greeters on the desk, we were informed that the site was open at certain times and we were welcome to come back another day. Noting that the opening times was at 2pm on a Sunday afternoon and today was Saturday, we aimed to come back and access through an earlier spotted hole in the fence at the back of the site in the morning.

After visiting and photographing another location, we found a hotel and had food for the night with the intention to visit in the morning.

It was apparently a working blast furnace and after being decommissioned was tidied up and used as a tourist attraction. We arrived and accessed the site, my one friend opting to stay outside and photograph the exterior while myself and one other decided to climb in and attempt something within the structure (within reason).

I say in reason as all the workways were cut off, hence we had to climb some areas but avoided going too far as it was quite rusty further up. In the meantime while we were exploring this, my friend fell over and put a rock right through his main camera. Two days before coming home meant that any further shots would be taken with his newer compact type camera and by sense using a camera that still working but was damaged and had no viewfinder or display.

After an hour or so in the warm sunshine, we retraced our steps out and made our way back to the car. Not before having a brief jog back to the fence as we thought we were spotted.

I still have no idea what it is called to this day. Some of the photos are below.

'Structure' 'Steel Structures' 'Scoop' 'Junkerath' 'It's how we roll' 'Command Station' '2000Kg'Office'

Thanks for reading.

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