Tim Knifton

Jailhouse Rock

June 2013

Another roadtrip post from June and this was a primary aim and first location off the Dover Ferry. Not every day you photograph an abandoned prison but it was a first for us.

We arrived in the very early hours and set the sat nav to the location we had. After a brief look from the car, we parked away and walked to it. The travelling community also call the prison’s car park home so we had to be quiet and careful.

'Welcome to the long stay wing'

“Welcome to the cells”

After much scouting around, we found access and made our way through to the main block. There was little known about how to get inside the main block so after a lot of walking we managed to find our way in and set up ready to shoot this very impressive place.

Many of the buildings are empty but the main cell blocks had character, lines and a certain atmospheric quality to them. We were lucky in getting here early as the following weeks that have followed has seen quite a lot of traffic and many people photographing this place.

We moved from wing to wing checking out each area that was accessible and finished in the medical wing before making our way out and for breakfast.

Some of the photos are below.

'A4'“A4”'Cell stairs' 'Dead man walking'“Dead man walking”'Locked in' 'Medical wing'“Medical wing”





'Waiting for that day to come'“Release day”

'A state of disarray'

“A state of disarray”

'Beyond the fence'

“On the outside”

'Cell Block H'

“Exterior shot of the main block”

'Elaborate ceiling'

“Elaborate ceiling”

Thanks for looking in. The rest of the set can be found on my photostream. There are more to add before the set is complete.

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