Tim Knifton

Beautiful Chateau Foret

June 2013

As part of our last-minute, 56 hour road trip across France and Belgium, we decided to visit this Chateau which was contained within its own forest and without giving away too much history, was subject to Royalty and still under their control.

This place was very grand and much of it rather intact and beautiful hence why it was being watched and protected. It is also and known in urban explorers circles as “Chateau De La Police” considering the amount of people caught and arrested here.

'Opulent residence'Luck and the weather was definitely on our side today as we made our way to this location and found this beauty just waiting to be explored. It took quite a while to find the access point while being careful not to be spotted. The access wasn’t very big but we all managed it and spent a lot of time here photographing this amazing place.

The photos below are just some that are on my Flickr photostream.

'Articles left behind' 'Ballroom' 'Beauty forgotten' 'Corridor' 'Descent in style' 'Nautical' 'Peek' 'Playtime' 'Portrait' 'Religion repair' 'Sleep' 'The watchman'We left here after a good few hours without incident and onto our next location but not before having a powernap.

Thanks for looking in.

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4 thoughts on “Beautiful Chateau Foret

  1. Love it. But it’s a tragedy in process — the owners should just sell it to someone willing to undertake restoration (I realize that may be easier said than done).

  2. Nichael on said:

    Thank you so much for the pictures. For taking the time to post them! It was truly a delight to look at them and to imagine what it must have been like to be there in that building without anyone bothering you! I especially liked the picture of the bedroom! Made me imagine what it would be like to be a small child to get up and look out the window!! Thank you again!

  3. Michael on said:

    So beautiful and enchanting! Thank you again!

  4. OH my heart be still…thank you for sharing such beauty..I have been in that area and near Compiegne, living and exploring and never really came upon such an empty{ but still seems inhabited} …place How magical……. I found an old carriage house which was full of the same chapellike objets Reliigous relics and pews etc standing so still…I had almost forgotten those experiences ..You brought them rushing back. What a gift…..you are astute in your photography… Thank you so much… jayce

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