Tim Knifton

London and the fail

June 2013

Something I’ve never done but fancied doing was a bit of rooftopping in London. There is one building very close to the South Bank which offers the best views over London and is currently abandoned but being worked on.

Seeing that others had recently done this place, myself and Mark decided to meet up late afternoon, spend some time photographing around London and then venture in and up to the roof and do some night photography and then stay for a few hours for sunrise eventually coming back down dodging security and get some breakfast and catch our respective buses back home.

Sounds good in theory? Yes. Unfortunately it didn’t work out like that.

It started off wet so we decided to check out the place we needed to access and found it kind of locked down with extra cameras and security. Due to the time, we decided to hole up for a bit and went to a local pub for a bit.

After food and a few beers, we decided to travel back along the South Bank and do some night photography around City Hall and the London Eye to pass some time. Good so far but unfortunately, to cut a long story short, we spent 2 hours accessing the main area to find that the stairs we needed to access in order to get to the roof had recently been locked down and hence, all potential access points were blocked off.

After much scoping, sneaking and hiding, there were no other access points so we decided to make a break for it and leave without the photos we so wanted.

So we left dirty and tired knowing that we had about 7 hours to kill before transport home. With this in mind, we made it back towards the bus station and ended up sleeping in a doorway until we managed to book an earlier bus to come home.

The only good part of this was that we very rarely have any fails but one in a while does still hurt a bit especially after the amount of time, money and effort involved.

Thankfully, a few night photos did make it out the camera and the night was at least, dry and warm(ish).

'Big Wheel' 'On the South Bank' 'On the streets' 'The Scoop'Thanks for reading – no sympathy required 😉

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