Tim Knifton

A return visit to the veterinary school

June 2013

Four weeks after returning from our last trip to Luxembourg, France and Belgium, we ended up organising a last-minute trip back to France and Belgium to photograph some spots everyone wanted.

One on my friends list which is an oldie but a classic on the explorer’s “to do list”, was the veterinary school in Brussels known as the “Horror Labs”. This is known as the aforementioned nickname due to the jars and items in the basement and is well-known to those who have a morbid fascination with this place.

We arrived on the last day of our travels in the evening and ended up sleeping in the car. After going to check the place out, we attempted to access the place and without giving anything away, we managed to get in and sleep within the walls of the final building that has evaded so many people but been quite lucky for those in the know.

At the end of the day, it’s all luck for this place.

My friend was particularly happy as this place he had never photographed despite trying on several occasions but this time he was successful.

'Auditorium' 'Green' 'Paraffin' 'Red' 'Stairs to a better life' 'Text'

At first light, it appears that building clearing and tidying up had been done. There was less decay than before and word has it that the building was due to be started on soon.

The photos above and below are part of the set I took here mostly with the Canon 50mm F1.4 as I had been here previously in November and decided to get something different as you do when you revisit a location regardless of topic or theme.

'Pleasant looking jars'

'Suspect jars'

'This little piggy'

'Remains of the day'

Thanks for looking in.

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  1. Really like this, just my thing.

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