Tim Knifton

Photographic art in another form

Anyone have a camera tattoo??

Since last week, I now have one of my own. I chose my design as I originally wanted the camera I am using now but thought that a Canon 5D mark 2 is not going to be a classic camera in years to come, either by fan base or by its design and shape.

Therefore, after much research and pulling down ideas from the internet and various other resources,  I went to a very well-known, local tattoo studio with my ideas and discussed them. As everyone was full of useful ideas, I joined Sam’s waiting list which is of a reasonable wait – this I would prefer to see in an artist rather than someone who can do it that afternoon.

Sam is a life long artist with a passion for what he does and his paintings and drawings show this as they adorn the walls of the floor he works on. There are a lot of other works of art such as Harley Davidson petrol tanks hanging up on the walls over the other artist’s station and they are equally as impressive.

When I arrived first thing, Sam showed me the drawing he had done and I was very happy that the design on paper was better than I imagined. Four and a half hours later and a lot of black, many shades of grey and some off white, my tattoo was born. There was meticulous attention to detail throughout and I was happy with it from the first time I got out of the chair after nearly five hours to inspect it in the mirror before cover up.

This was the last photo I took of the healing – 4 days after having it done.

Tattoo 4 days

My artist was Sam Fisher and the studio was Physical Graffiti which you can access here.

Thanks for looking in.

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