Tim Knifton

New York City 2003 to 2009

New York City 2003 to 2009

The difference between pre-digital and digital technology when taking an image meant you couldn’t delete it if you didn’t like it.

I went to New York City in 2003 to celebrate my 30th birthday. This was at a time when I was not into photography besides the occasional snapshot. I think 2003 was before digital SLR technology was a big deal (at least for me) and before we were all skilled on Photoshop.

I went back in 2009 with a fresh pair of “Photographic” eyes.

These photos just go to show how my photography has changed.

Hope you find this interesting as I do looking through old images. I plan on going again soon document more of my favourite city. I’m sure that my composition and quality will change again on another trip.

Brooklyn Bridge 2003-2010

‘Brooklyn Bridge’

Central Park 2003-2010

‘Central Park’

Chrysler Building 2003-2010

‘Chrysler building’

Empire State 2003-2010


Ground Zero Ground Zero 2003-2010

‘Ground Zero’

Hudson River 2003-2010

‘Hudson River’

Rockefella Plaza 2003-2010

‘Rockerfella Centre’

Statue of Liberty 2003-2010

‘Statue of Liberty’

The authorities 2003-2010


Times Square 2003-2010

‘Times Square’

World Trade Centre Metalwork 2003-2010


Thanks for looking in.

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