Tim Knifton

A trip to the theatre…..

Today I write about two visits to the same theatre in Belgium during two different tours.

This theatre is in a dilapidated part of town and is a real diamond in the rough. Was once a popular theatre but now left to rot.

The first visit was in November 2012 and demanded a revisit for some shots as the light was fading fast and this made photography difficult.

The second visit was during February this year and was during the day. Unfortunately, the access point was changed but after a bit of investigation we found the new way in.

The photos below are a selection of both visits.



'At the movies'


'Elaborate decor'






'Lets all go to the lobby'

‘Lets all go to the lobby’



'Shows over'

'The Cheap Seats'

'Theatre Jeusette'Thanks for reading.

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2 thoughts on “A trip to the theatre…..

  1. Hi Tim,
    Love your work and sorry I’v only just found your.
    I have been a working photographer all over the world for about 23 years. (still haven’t learned) I’m now living in Germany for some time from Australia, and still finding my feet, as my German is shit!. I had the idea a few years ago to shoot more old machinery, cars, planes, trucks, and as you will know the list just go’s on. I have spent a lot of time photographing food, and adventure?? what ever that means. But are finding that the market for landscape with a different look is looking good.
    Thanks for the posts and keep up the work.
    Steve Richards

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