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Archive dipping……the Scrapyard

April 2011

This was part of the “mad bank holiday weekend”  that we had that was the Royal Wedding and several days off from work plus the weekends where myself and the guys were out constantly for about 9 days straight doing everything from landscapes, street photography and urban decay.

This little gem was right off the map local to us in Wales. One of my friends knew where it was and therefore we went to see what the place was like. This place changes all the time as new (old) vehicles are found and bought in and salvaged for rare to find parts. Apparently, it has now been cleared as the elderly man who owned it was officially retiring and his children who helped him had finished selling a lot of the vehicles and parts off to customers who primarily lived overseas. We were told by the owners that many of the buses and lorries end up in Africa and are restored to working order and used daily there which is nice to know that their life is extended.

After asking permission to photograph, we spent a few hours wandering around and taking some photos. Obviously, I’ve learnt a lot in the last few years and can see where my processing has changed for the better I argue but on with the photos and see for yourself.


A word in your ear‘A word in your ear’


Contact point‘Contacts’

Days gone by‘Flaked’

Knobs n levers‘Knobs and switches’


No more passengers‘No more passengers’

No more travelling‘Old and forgotten’Red and almost white‘Red and white’

Scrappies0013‘Needs new windscreen’

Tanker 2‘Tanker’

'Two fire engines'‘Fire engines’

Thanks for reading.

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