Tim Knifton

Maison madness

Maison goodness.

The very first morning in Luxembourg, we ventured out of our nice warm hotel at 5am to drive to an abandoned maison that we checked out the night before in readiness for this morning.

Rumour has it that the neighbour kept an eye on it and leaves his large dog in the garden to wander and also “guard” it. Luckily this morning no such luck.

We entered through the back and spent an hour wandering around the huge place using very dimmed torchlight as sunrise was an hour away.

'All I need for a walk'

“All I need for a good walk”

The morning started quite overcast and meant that good use of light was not possible first thing and the cameras metering was giving readings that weren’t really useful to begin with.



Thankfully, we had two good bedrooms upstairs to spend time in so the first part of the early morning were spent in there and then we split up and spent time moving around between rooms and changing lenses during.


“Bottle webs”

Although many of the residences we visited had suitcases and personal effects, it was nice to find a place with other things inside and in reasonable shape too.

'As I lay me down to sleep'

“As I lay me down to sleep”

It was also a nice change to see some really nice intact and detailed floors on the ground floor of this place, they made for some interesting photos and some break in the photos.

'A clean maison is a happy maison'

“A clean maison is a happy maison”

'Entrance hall'


Going back to mention of the light, the photo below was taken at 8am when sunrise had already taken place hours before, the light and the atmosphere really added to the photos but the shutter speeds were really slow when bracketing shots.

'Landing light'


As you can see in some of the following shots, beds feature a lot in this set of photos.

'No mattress'

“No mattress”

'Rain or shine'

“For a rainy day”

'Sleep walking'


'Someone to watch over me'

“Someone to watch over me”

'The basics in life'

“All the basic things”

There were ample opportunities to capture detail shots and also full rooms later in the morning. I call this “basic things” as it has a bed for sleeping, a table for eating and shelves for books and niknaks for reading and storage.

'Biblical text'

“Biblical text”

'Things are looking up'

“Onwards and upwards”

'Two pairs'

“Two pairs”

After we were satisfied that we had captured what we wanted, we drove back to the hotel for a shower and breakfast before leaving towards France.

Other photos can be found here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/timster1973/

Thanks for reading.

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3 thoughts on “Maison madness

  1. I find it interesting that so many of these abandoned places you have been shooting still have furniture and clothes and items and such in many of the rooms. Why is that? Perhaps you can address that in a future post. Over here in the states, any abandoned sites with belongs left behind would have been ripped off or destroyed. Most of our ruins are just that — ruins. The stuff in your shots in Maison Madness make the places look like they’ve been set-dressed. BTW, nice photos.

    • Hi Frank, thanks for your kind words. These places are kept quiet or shared with trusted contacts so are hence preserved for the next “urban explorer” – a lot of the items were there already in this position but some have been moved around to create a pleasing photo. If these places were shared around, then thieves and vandals would have access and this place would go downhill over time. Urban explorers in general abide by the motto “take only photos, leave only footprints” and are basically, capturing unseen and abandoned places preserving history.

  2. C’est magnifique des endroits pareils !

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