Tim Knifton

Residential places and derelict spaces

Recently I have had the fortune to be able to extend our urban exploration of abandoned buildings and places by recently visiting Luxembourg, North and West France and spending a very small fraction of time once again in the lower part of Belgium.

We had quite a successful trip and covered 1,600 KMs plus in the hire car which meant a lot of driving but to some different locations and a variety of places not visited before.

The last place we visited before going home was untouched by vandals or thieves and remained as if someone had got up one morning and left – never to return.

This was worth all the travelling and late nights, long days with lots of light and getting slightly lost along the way to find this place.



When we entered, we had to get in through a barn area that looked recently lived in. Once inside the main Chateau, it was discovered that the majority of the rooms were in a reasonable condition but decayed. Not trashed as some places are but just taking on board the decay of time, neglect and abandonment.

The dining room (above) for instance was still laid out as if dinner was expected that night after a hard day at work.

'Place settings for a dinner that never happened'

“Planning for a dinner that never came”

The kitchen and hallway were more or less the same condition with a few more items moved around and some items broken. The bright light of the early morning meant that shutter speeds were a lot quicker than some of the places visited over the 4 days we spent over the pond.

'Waiting for the end'

“Waiting for the end”

'What's for dinner mum'

“What’s for dinner mum?”

Who could miss that beautiful stove and the items that were left from someone who obviously loved cooking and kept the stove in great condition for many years.

The bathroom was a different matter, as it was being shared by many different birds who were content in flying around our heads with various scraps of toilet paper on their way out to build a nest somewhere.

'All a gentleman needs for a good spruce up'

“All a gentlemen needs for a good spruce up”

'More dirty coming out than going in'

“More dirty coming out than going in”

Between the three of us, we split up and made the most of our time in this Chateau in the woods, hopping from one area to another leaving the place free for another and not getting in each other’s way.

The bedrooms were in fine order too with the usual signs of decay but were in better condition than some I have seen over the last few years.

'Bedtime is calling'


“Dun’ Walking”

'Forgive us our trespasses'

“Forgive us for our trespasses”



After the main photos were taken, I spent some time capturing details in my photos but time was against us as we had to drive to the airport and hand the car back before flying back to London. I could have spent hours in there with the macro and the 50mm getting the most out of the morning but had to settle for a good 2 hours.

'Sick ride'

“Sick Ride”

'Trapped beauty'

“Captured Beauty”

'Under lock and key'

“A place to sit and think amongst the chaos”





Thanks for reading and looking at my photos. The remaining photos have been uploaded to Flickr and some more are still to be added to the set.

Set here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/timster1973/sets/72157633424261649/

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2 thoughts on “Residential places and derelict spaces

  1. Much more pleasant looking at your excellent photos here than on flickr these days!

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