Tim Knifton

On a slight roll……

Probably the only blog this week. I have followed with interest, the last 14 days of my Flickr activity.

Before anyone thinks this post is a swipe at the recent changes to our favourite photo sharing site, its just an observation of the streak I am having at the moment on Flickr Explore.

What is Explore?

Flickr Explore relies on an impartial judge to distinguish which photos on the site are the most “interesting.” A complex algorithm  calculates something Flickr calls “interestingness.” Photos are picked based on many different aspects, like number of times the pictures appears on users’s Favorites, captions and comments associated with the picture and the number of times a photo is viewed. Throughout the day, the algorithm runs, taking into account all new pictures added since midnight Pacific Standard Time that morning.

Flickr ensures that everyone has a chance to be displayed on Explore by occasionally changing the factors used in the algorithm. By changing the algorithm, Flickr can vary the types of pictures and artists that appear on Explore. Some other aspects Flickr has changed include increasing the number of pictures featured from 50 to 500, and the calendar view was not part of the original version.

Pictures will always be in competition with other pictures loaded to Flickr during one particular day. Your best ranked picture may not be your highest ranking on Explore if it posted on a day with stiffer competition.

Heres mine for the last fortnight:

'Bureau Selfie' (EXPLORED)

'Elegance' (EXPLORED)

'Entrance hall' (EXPLORED)

'Ascension' (EXPLORED)

'Preaching to the converted' (EXPLORED)

'That will buff out' (EXPLORED)

'Floored' (EXPLORED)

'Symmetrical Industry' (EXPLORED)

'Perfect' (EXPLORED)

'A good vintage year' (EXPLORED)

'Broken melody' (EXPLORED)

Who knows how long my run will continue? Who knows?

Thanks for reading.

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One thought on “On a slight roll……

  1. My run continued for about eighteen months, roughly two a week, many in the top 100, loads featured on front page with some at number 1. It all suddenly stopped and I think I’ve only been in Explore three times in the past two years!

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