Tim Knifton

The old TB Hospital

27th December 2012.

The day after Boxing day when I was due back in work was changed to a last minute explore. On Christmas night, a friend contacted me to see if I was on holiday over Christmas and fancied a brief trip to the old TB Hospital which wasn’t a million miles away. This would help to burn off some of that excess food and drink and get some photography done.

A few calls and emails later and the trip was sorted for Thursday, three of us travelling to meet our friend who was organising the meet up for 7:30am.


On arrival, it was great to catch up with Mark as we hadn’t been out since Belgium but would soon be making a return visit.

When walking from the car to the hospital grounds it was plain to see that a lot of the buildings were secure and some of the external areas were being used so the early start under the cover of darkness helped us get to the Hospital wing with no issues.

A brief walk to the gate and a climb over unseen, we ventured over to the building and found the way in.

There was some time to wait until sunrise so we had a wander around the handful of rooms that were accessible before we had good enough conditions to shoot. There were plenty of opportunities so we spent a few hours moving from area to area and making the most of the time while it was raining outside.

'More than I can bear'

‘More than I can bear’

'First Aid'

‘First Aid’

'Patients is a virtue'

‘Patients is a virtue’



'The man in the mirror'

‘The man in the mirror’

The Hospital was used to treat the young and the old who had tuberculosis. The evidence of records and treatment were evident in some of the rooms. The history is out there to find without giving away too much of the location.



'Developed limbs'

‘Developed limbs’



After we finished, we wandered from building to building but a lot of it was sealed and the rain and low light made up our mind for us and we decided to head home following a successful morning.

The rest of the set can be found here.

Thanks for reading.

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