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Favourite set

12th December

Seems that one of my favourite explores (in the UK at least) has been really popular this week with the Flickr community, I’ve got more than 1,000 views of the entire set but getting more and more favourites and comments on individual photos.


The set I’m talking about is Furhouse Manor or to some people, Bull Manor. It has unfortunately been named on a certain forum so who knows how long it will last before the thieves hit it or winter beats them to it.

This place was a real-time capsule and lay untouched for many years. The beauty of decay was evident as we wandered around each room with the whispered sounds of “wow” as we literally couldn’t believe what we were seeing. A real sense of eerieness hung over the entire morning.

Many rooms were decaying and lacked basic facilities (such as a roof or a floor) some were off limits and others required a climb or a crawl to get to. Many rooms on the 1st floor were decayed right through and the 2nd floor was unreachable due to natural elements crumbling the foundations. The rooms that were intact included a dining and drawing-room, kitchen, music room, bedrooms and a library. The size of the place and the items left behind gave you an idea that this was once a grand manor house.



Even when shooting with a full frame camera that produces minimal noise on higher ISO settings, I still prefer to dial in as lower ISO as possible to minimize further chances of noise or grain. The light on this explore was very poor due to it being an overcast day combined with an early start but I still did not go above ISO 400 with 200 being the average setting on that day. This means that +2 bracket exposure time was mostly 20 to 30 seconds duration but this still doesn’t matter to me when capturing detail while avoiding noise.


Sometimes have a set idea in my head on what I want to do with the image and sometimes it just comes to me. I enjoy taking the photos at the time of capture and hope that I have a few keepers as we never know how our photos turn out until we download them. You cannot judge your image from the back of your camera effectively as using your larger screen at home.

The full set is here:




Besides having a touch of the cold, I am still kicking myself that I missed a 2 day Belgium trip on the 27th/28th December but not far off to February’s trip and I’m not driving this time either!

Thanks for reading.

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