Tim Knifton

Nearly done……

3rd December 2012

A whole week since my last post due to other commitments.

As the title suggests I’m nearly done processing and editing images from Belgium – over 1,000 exposures in 4 days and 12 locations done on our 1st Eurotour.

I have about another 40 to add to Flickr and I’m done. Very happy with the way they have come out and luckily for me (and everyone else), my uploading has been interrupted by trips to the waterfalls and the beach.

As my friend Mark said “Just throwing it out there, but its a long time to wait until April for the next tour” so we decided to book a flight and go again in February. Its joined by two new guys as the usual crew can’t make it but we will be hopefully guaranteed another successful trip with great laughs and photography.

Below I have left some of the images that I have loved processing and editing from various locations.

I will return with something more substantial soon.

Thanks for reading.

'Dinner was yesterday'

'Feeling blue'

'Preaching to the converted'

'Setting up the scores'

'Longterm parking'

'Brothers in Arms'


'The shelf of horror'

'Basement Bottles'

'Left waiting'

'Shows over'

'Class dismissed'

'The Hoff Van B Crewshot'

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