Tim Knifton

The Plasterer’s Hideaway

This was another one of those “quick wins” while we were in Belgium.

On the sat nav and in urbexing circles, this is known as “Atelier Decor” or the “Plasterers’ Hideaway”.


We were in the area (well, 9 miles away) so decided to pay a visit. Although not on the plans, it was close by and by now the plans were out of the window in favour of quick wins and close exploration locations. If not every day but it was today.

As we drove to the sat nav location, it was clearly visible on the street in a little village so we parked up and two of my friends went to see how and where access was.

After ten minutes, they reported back that access was over a high wall at the back as they had run into five German explorers who were on their way out. So we packed up and made for the access point.

After a brief climb over the wall, we were in and heading to the house. The Plasterers’ Hideaway is basically a house with a full plasterers workshop attached. The house was not of much interest, so after a good ten minutes we made for the workshop area.


The workshop was filled with moulds, plasterers tools and a lot of decay but was definately worth an hour or more of our time while it was dry and the light was good.

On with some more photos…….

“Atelier Bottles”

There was a lot of detail photos to capture here, as with a lot of great Belgium locations, the locations themselves are in great condition and not totally trashed as they would be in the UK.

“You only got your shelf to blame”

“Grand designs”


“Plasterers Desk”

“Pull up a chair”

The area with the chairs was up a very rickety staircase but held us all individually with no problems, there was some nice light and detail upstairs but I added to the ambience but adding a warming filter to my photos to remove that cold feel.

A small but perfectly formed gem. More photos on Flickr to view.

Thanks for reading.


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