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Tapioca Farm – a rural explore.

Today I write about a little farmhouse in Belgium that has been affectionately known as “Tapioca Farm”.

In the world of urbex or urban exploration, sometimes a place is named due to something at the location or a phrase that has been coined by someone and it sticks. This farm has been called “Tapioca” due to the box of tapioca found in the cupboard.

“The larder” – note the Tapioca packets.

“The kettle is on”

We approached this one on the first rainy afternoon as it was close to several others, we were told that if the neighbours saw us, then they are likely to call the local law enforcement – it has happened to others.

“Living room”

As you may have already worked out from my stories so far and possibly from looking at my Flickr page, we are all about the photography and the thrill of accessing unseen, abandoned buildings and capturing places where lives were once lived but have now ceased. We aren’t vandals, arsonists or thieves. Some of the thrill admittedly involves outsmarting security or “getting away with it” but it’s mostly about the photography.

“Dinner was yesterday”

We approached as I mentioned above after parking the car away from the house and thus ensuring that a short walk would be a more effective to being unseen rather than parking close-by. We approached and wandered straight in as if we lived there without hesitation. We figured that if we were seen, then we had ten minutes tops before we had to explain ourselves.

“Father’s chair”

After a brief recce of the outside and the barns, we encountered the way into the main house where the living room, kitchen, etc was located.

After a very brief look around, we set up and started taking photos. We had an estimated hour and a half before the light would go completely but the day was already dull and overcast, so light was at a premium here.

“No calls”

The farmhouse itself was in great shape and mainly consisted of three or four rooms downstairs. Due to the light being so bad and fading quickly, there was no time to do the barn so we called it a day as we had already visited two locations and also had the next one ready for sleeping and the following mornings photography.

We left satisfied that we had two in he bag, especially after being in Belgium for only a short time, it was already going well.

This one is definitely on the list for a revisit, if it is still here when we next come to Belgium with better light and conditions.

“Rain or shine”

Thanks for reading.

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2 thoughts on “Tapioca Farm – a rural explore.

  1. Beautiful. Really. I can’t even describe all of the feelings. It’s quarter to 1 over here in the Northeast – not sure where this even is honestly – sorry, I just looked at the photos lol. But it’s late and whatever, you know how it is lol. I’m a writer, and this looks like a place for so many different types of stories, even film. Just looking at that favorite pic of mine, the living room – not just the “father’s chair” but the bigger picture capturing everything. I just love it. Thanks for this step into another world tonight. It was awesome.

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