Tim Knifton

Moving up a notch

So it all boils down to this button on the sat nav.


This Friday is the beginning of a new adventure when 4 of us travel to Belgium for our first of many urbex tours over the pond.

We have done many UK explores and recently visited the Ukraine for Chernobyl and Pripyat. All locations depend on discovery, either by tips or someone finding a new placeand the initial scrabble to get there and photograph it before it gets sealed, renovated or knocked down.

Many places have been done to death and are hence cliched. Much of this involves either waiting patiently for help, researching and finding them or joining up with others. Many sites have been done to death and every time someone goes, the slow demise is evident when the photos are posted up on Facebook or Flickr. Usually more decay, vandals have paid a visit or things have been stolen.


After a lot of research and emails from contacts, I have managed to gather a list so varied that we will definitely have our hands full for many trips. Industrial, vehicles, insane asylums, schools, forts, theatres, residential, doctors, hospitals just to name a few places.

We are also lucky to have a few people who are meeting up with us on Saturday morning and Sunday to visit some of these places and also come with us to some places they have never been themselves.

Until then, I have a job interview to think of in the morning and then finishing off the minimal packing before we depart.

Expect plenty of blogs on our travels over the coming weeks.
Thanks for reading.

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