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More waterfalls

I’ve been flat out this week and thankfully, the weekend gets here pretty quickly so that means its time to do what I want and that includes cameratime.

Today we decided to skip sunrise and go out at 10am for a trek to Pwll-yWrach. I have a thing about waterfalls the last two trips out and these were full of water.We are lucky in that we have great landscapes and waterscapes on our doorstep but sometimes unfortunate that we have rain and inclement weather. Today I was glad of the recent rain as the falls were flowing nicely.


“Flowing” B&W ND110 @ F11 ISO160, 300 second exposure.

Pwll y wrach or Pwll-y-wrach (Welsh for “pool of the witch”) is a feature on the River Ennig near Talgarth in south Powys, Wales. The river plunges in two separate streams over a lip of hard rock (the Bishops Frome Limestone, formerly known as the Psammosteus Limestone) into a pool scoured in the softer mudstones of the underlying Raglan Mudstone Formation.

The feature occurs within Cwm Pwll-y-wrach, a deep wooded valley that is a Site of Special Scientific Interest and a nature reserve managed by the Brecknock Wildlife Trust.The trust has established trails within the wood to enable public access.

It is suggested that the name derives from the ancient practice of ducking witches in the plunge pool.


“Cascades” B&W ND110 @ F11 ISO200, 360 second exposure.

Thanks for reading.

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3 thoughts on “More waterfalls

  1. Just hope I didn’t slow you down today!

  2. That lost shot is really nice-I like that you can see below the water.

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