Tim Knifton

Back to landscapes (albeit only briefly)

This weekend was briefly back to landscapes and waterfalls. Urban exploration I love but sometimes I need to get out of the dust and danger and into the fresh air.

Saturday was a few hours of photography in a little local place called Clydach Gorge which is about 30 minutes from my house by car and a short walk.

As autumn is in and the colours are getting spectacular so we thought we would get out and photograph the waterfalls at the autumn colours.

Due to the recent Welsh rain, the waterfalls are overflowing at this time of year.

On Sunday we visited Ystradfelte for sunrise. This involved a good climb up to the top of the mountain ranges where we waited for sunrise. This was one of the first out of the camera this morning at 7:35am.

Following this, we decided to drive the short distance to the waterfalls and set up a series of long exposures with the B&W ND 110 “10 stopper” filter. Literally like welding glass, the lens needs to be set to manual and focused first before taking a reading and then adding the filter. Using ‘BULB’ on the camera, sometimes its trial and error to get to somewhere you are happy with or use of the free iPhone app that helps calculate exposure times depending on what filter you are using, i.e. ND4, ND8, etc.

The image below was set at ISO 100, F14 for 250 seconds using the ND110.

Thanks for reading.

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