Tim Knifton

Derelict Graffiti

I am not going to write about my experiences travelling to the Ukraine in any order and may even break away from it at some stage to concentrate on some other topic. I start university next week as part of my career development so there may be a break in my blog contribution.

Therefore, I write today about the art that is sprayed on the walls of various buildings in Pripyat (Prypyat). Considering the exclusion zone is so well enforced and those without papers or valid visitation rights are arrested, I was surprised to see graffiti on the walls of many buildings around Lenin Square in Pripyat.

To gain access to Pripyat, Chernobyl or any of the surrounding villages, you will need to enter the 30 km exclusion zone and to do that, you will need to arrange a day pass or organise a private tour. The easiest way of obtaining one of these is through a tour operator, of which there are many based in Kiev.

Government agency with jurisdiction over the site in regulation №1157 stipulates that a request for a Zone permit must be applied for at least 10 office days (which can make up to 14 calendar days) prior to the planned visit.

Being an advanced Urban Explorer, I am used to seeing graffiti on walls at certain sites that have been frequented by vandals, graffiti artists and others who have gained access to abandoned and derelict sites including houses, factories and asylums but not here (or so I thought).

The images below are a small example of the ones we found in the short time we were there. This was due to the pace of the group tour and the limitations of the visit.

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2 thoughts on “Derelict Graffiti

  1. Excellent series of captures! I really enjoy street art and street photography.

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